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The purposes for which this club shall exist are to promote interest and participation in recreational activities, related to the forests, fields, lakes and streams; to provide and maintain the facilities for the promotion of such activities; to aid in the protection and preservation of birds, fish, and game; and to conduct such other activities as are not inconsistent with the above and which are in accordance with its general purposes.


Note Calendar Correction

September 23rd Hunter Safety



Another sucessfull club shoot!!

This years overall winners

1st Place Mark Zaller

2nd Place Jason M.

3rd Place Dave Raczka, Ed Weisner



June Workparty.. New Culvert


New Floor Beam!

Fearless Leader getting dirty

Jim Sharpe and Dave Raczka pulled this from the pond!! (the winch on the ATV helped a bit)

Repaired and improved.. The ladder will actually hold us bigs guys

Great work by the Arkwright crew!!.. of course a dozen donuts and TH coffee helped!

Sorry image came in 90 degrees.. no excuses for missing this driveway




New Cabin Kitchen Floor


Great work thanks to Joe Nagy, Jason Sugg, Kevin Heist, Ken Heist

and Cameron Sugg


Club Apparel

Based on more interest, Ken Heist will be placing another order in the near future. If you are interested in making a purchase, the same rules apply as last time. I would like to set a cut-off order date of May Club meeting which is: Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 8:30PM at the Boston Hotel.

Apparel 1 - Apparel 2 - Apparel 3 - Apparel 4



April Work Party!!




2018 Foxhunt


Nice turnout for the 2018 Foxhunt.. once again no foxes were harvested.









2017 Wood cutting Party!!




2017 Club Shoot Results


Very good turnout this year at the club shoot.. Near perfect weather and

very skilled shooting!! made it one of the best.

Combined over all winners..

1st Place Jason Sugg

2nd Place Mark Zaller

3rd Place Tyler Nagy and Ed Weisner (bigfoots son)


Event Winners

22 Rifle - Mark and Jason

Slug Gun - Jason (perfect score)

CF Rifle - Dan Jr (perfect score)

Archery - Jason

Trap - Jason

Blackpowder - Mark Zaller



Jason Sugg takes a shot with the Muzzleloader.. Jason took overall winner!!

Centerfire rifle stage..Dan Roberts Jr (in the dark Blue) had a perfect score!!

The US Olympic Trap team!! waiting for their turn

New Club Videos from High and Low


Click on images to watch video!!


New Woodshed!

Thanks to the hard work of Joe and Ken and others.. the new woodshed is done

Because of it's size the next two work parties will be primarily wood cutting!


New Range Targets


Couple of Rules for use.. must be hanging from chains.

Rectagle target any pistol ammo any distance.

Any Rifle ammo from 100 yards only


Round target any Ammo rifle or pistol any distance.

No shotgun slugs or Sabots.. Splatter will damage target frames.

Please re-paint after use for the next shooter


Major New Rule

Would like to remind members that due to a change in rules at the November meeting each applicant who is on the waiting list must make a work party.  Applicants who don't make a work party will have their application fee returned.  Sponsors are responsible for communicating this change to their applicant.  If the applicant does not want to participate prior to obtaining membership, their application fee will be returned.

Joe Nagy requested that any member who wants to schedule a work party outside of the regularly scheduled dates call him (566-8027)at least 2 weeks in advance to arrange work, and remind the members that any special workparty must be completed prior to the fall woodcutting party.











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