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New Life for the Winchester 30-30

Hornady has given the 30-30 true 200 yard ballistics using a tube magazine safe soft ballistic tip. I recently checked a few WEB sites looking for reviews from hunters who have used this new ammo.... It looks like a winner...


For many years I've enjoyed the challenge of hunting deer and antelope with my 30-30 Glenfield carbine. About 10 years ago, Remington introduced 160 grain Extended Range ammo for 30-30 but I saw very little flatness in tragectory over plain 150 grain bullets. But this Hornady ammo is a true improvement for the old 30-30 cartridge. With 18.5 inch barrel and zero'd for 150 yards, this bullet is striking 2.5 inches low at 200 yards! Group size at 150 yards is 3 inches. This flat trajectory for my short carbine was unheard of until Hornady's new creation. I shot a young forkie mule deer at approx. 125 yards. He bounded away but toppled after a couple jumps. Bullet broke a rib going in and another rib coming out. Innerds were damaged badly. I really like the accurasy and flat trajectory of this new ammo. Gregg

The 30-30 is back, performing like a 307 RN with the new Leverevolution spitzers. I have found the accuracy exceptional and the terminal ballistics exemplary. Hit a Whitetail at 45 degrees just behind the shoulder at lung level from 60 yards. He dropped in a single stride. The bullet went through and through ribs on both sides, with the internal damage looking like a 165 gr 308 ballistic tip. Except that this ammo holds together better, with an enlarged exit wound.

In addition to my previous observations, I recently made a five yard shot on a 140 lb Buck at a 46 Deg angle from a sitting position on the ground. The shot broke his right shoulder, took out the heart and one lung totally and exited through his left rib cage with a nice large hole. He carried on for only fifteen yards before giving up. The 160gr LeverEvolution bullet held together very well at point blank range to create a devastating wound channel. I remain well pleased with this ammunition.

Shooters don't expect bench rest accuracy from 30-30 lever guns, but the closer my ammo groups the greater my confidence level. My Marlin 336-C is sighted in at 100 yards with 170 grain CoreLokts. Recently at the range off of sand bags with a 3 power scope I compared Remington & Winchester 170 grain rounds and Winchester 150 grain rounds. Power points and CoreLokts in 170 grain maintained approximately the same elevation. Silvertip 170 grain and Winchester 150 grain hollow points were about 2 inches & 3 inches high respectively. The tightest group was 1.5 inches. Ballistically the Hornady LeverEvolution 30-30 160 grain appears to be everything Hornady says it is. The round loaded well from the tubular magazine (I have the old style follower and had no feeding issues). At 100 yards my first group was blowing away the top of the target frame. Lowering my point of aim I found the round to hit approximately 8 inches higher than the CoreLokts and to group at 1-3/8 inches. Properly sighted in the 30-30 LeverEvolution should be accurate and hard hitting to greater distances than we have been limited to.

Wow, im still in awe, this ammo is awesome, laugh if you will, but I swear it shoots almost as flat as a .308 this polytip added 100 yards to my shooting. this round has got to catch on quick. *fingers crossed*

Great Ammo! I fired it out of an old Winchester 94 with near perfect results. We sighted in the rifle at 200 yards with a consistent 2-1/2" group, and that’s about as good as anyone can expect from a 30-30!

Got nickel sized group at 100 yards, allowing barrel of my Marlin 336 to cool between shots. I was most pleased! Fired two shots at 200 yds for kicks and giggles...1st:center and one inch low and 2nd:one inch lower and to the left 1 inch. Shot a doe at 88 yds and dropped her on the spot. YEAH,I'M HAPPY WITH THEM!

Retails for $18-$22 for a box of 20

Ballistics Lever Elevolution (160gr)

30-30 160 gr. Evolution
Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd
2400/2046 2150/1643 1916/1304 1699/1025    
Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd
-1.7 3.0 0.2 -12.1    

Traditional 30-30 (170gr)

.30-30 Win., 170 gr. FP
Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd
2200/1827 1796/1218 1450/793 1186/530 - -
Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd
-1.50 0.00 -9.40 -35.70 - -

Traditional 30-30 (150gr)

.30-30 Win., 150 gr. RN
Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd
2390/1902 1959/1278 1581/832 1276/542 - -
Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd
-1.50 0.00 -7.70 -29.60 - -



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